Richard Bressani  Sr. Designer

Richard Bressani
Sr. Designer

Richard has always been interested in making our everyday experiences more meaningful. With a background in both social science and interior architecture, he works closely with clients to understand their challenges and together identify the design opportunities therein. His experience in problem solving and developing user centered solutions is varied. Examples range from implementing online tools for social workers to rapidly assess youth skills, to developing inclusive playground designs, to reimagining how an entry experience can educate visitors. This variety has expanded his ability to respond creatively to challenges of service delivery regardless of scale or modality (environment, object, digital, etc).

Richard holds a Masters of Science in Interior Design with an exhibition design focus from Pratt Institute, and both a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the University of Washington. He brings qualitative research, group facilitation, conceptual thinking, design implementation, and project management skills to our team.